What is IBed?

IBed is a web site and an Android App that permits travellers and home owners to rent or find a sleep space. With Ibed, you can monetise your sleep space anywhere in the world or you can find one and reserve your sleep spot.

Rent or Find

IBed holds the simplest reservation and availabilty system. It is by far the very easiest Android App of its kind. Click Start in the top of this page to list or find your bed today.

Earn as an Affiliate

IBed offers the possibility to become an affiliate and earn 50% recurring for all your sales. At the top right of the page, click the menu icon and reach register to get details.

Available Worldwide

IBed is available in all countries. Tell your friends and family they can now monetise their sleep space where ever they are. Do not forget to download our Android App here.

IBed is a new and original concept, where anyone can monetise its sleep space. Through our website or our Android App called IBed, wether you have a room for many people, a double or single bed, a couch, an inflatable, a hammock or a camping space in your back yard, you can now offer it to that new generation of travellers who seeks for a difference.

IBed does not take any commission from the transactions, instead, we ask for a minimalist contribution as per the price table below. Look around carefully on the internet, you will see that our competitors are a lot more asking... All transactions are private, and each hosters defines its own rules.

It does not cost anything to register by curiosity or to become an affiliate.

IBed.pw Host's Price Tables

Introductory prices will change without notice.


$ 1.95 per month

  • $ 1.95 per month
  • Payable every month


$ 4.95 per 3 months

  • $ 1.62 per month
  • Payable every 3 months


$ 8.95 per 6 months

  • $ 1.49 per month
  • Payable every 6 months


$ 15.95 per 12 months

  • $ 1.25 per month
  • Payable every 12 months

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